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Accuracy International

The world’s finest sniper rifles

In demanding environments where first shot accuracy is critical, Accuracy International rifles have been the tactical systems of choice for military and police units worldwide for over three decades. Our latest range is the battle-hardened product of this unrivaled experience.

Web: https://www.accuracyinternational.com

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Discover with confidence.

Vidisco provides innovative portable X-ray solutions for safe and accurate detection for demanding Security and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) applications.

Thousands of Vidisco systems are deployed by top military, security and industrial organizations in more than 75 countries worldwide. They deliver fast and high-quality images in the most challenging environments.

All Vidisco systems are manufactured under the most stringent quality control and quality assurance procedures.

Web: vidisco.com
Vidisco on Youtube

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O2 Tactical

Protect yourself.

O2 Tactical respirators are designed by Tier 1 Operators for Tier 1 Operators to make sure end users have quality respirators that won’t impact their missions.

Breathe effortlessly; the TR2 filters out lead and nitrocellulose (gunsmoke) residue as well as dust, bacteria, allergens, mold and debris without hindering the use of PPE, e.g. ballistic eyewear, helmets and/or hearing protection.

TR2 was released late 2020 and O2 have already received outstanding feedback from Military Operators and Law Enforcement units in Canada and the US.

Web: o2tactical.com/

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ACTinBlack (ACT) is a leading developer and manufacturer specializing in Advanced Night Vision Optics and Thermal Imaging.

Working with the world’s leading sub-suppliers as well as recognized experts in Optical and Night Vision research, ACT partners with law enforcement and military to develop premier quality Night Vision products and solutions.

Web: actinblack.com

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Knight’s Armament

Knight’s Armament Company was founded as a Research & Development facility more than 30 years ago but have since evolved into a premier weapons manufacturer offering complete weapon systems, modular accessories and Knight Vision electro-optics. Knight’s is best known for their advanced developments in weapon designs and accessories, with R&D, manufacturing, assembly and testing all performed at their facility in Titusville, FL.  View the latest Knight´s Armament Catalog

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Krylon, active since 1947 is the first and still largest supplier of aerosol paints in the world.

This ultra-flat paint is non-reflective to provide the ultimate camouflage.
• Bonds to most plastics, PVC, hard vinyl, ceramic glass, wood, metal and wicker
• No sanding, no priming; ultra-flat, non-reflective colors
• Ideal for sporting and hunting equipment, decoys and more. Not for use on skin, hair or clothing
• Fully chip resistant in 7 days

Web: krylon.com

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Y. Berger & Co

Y.Berger & Co AB is a family owned and managed company established in 1959. Eureka Safety is the PPE division of Y.Berger & Co AB, specializing in the development and production of unique glove solutions for professional usage. Eureka Safety division and the Eureka line of products were launched in 2009 and was a logical development where the company combined its extensive knowledge of technical materials together with technical knowledge and history of glove making.

Eureka division aims to become a leading partner in the PPE trade through development of innovative glove solutions and is currently represented in more than 25 countries around the world.

Web: berger.se

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Handgun grips, rifle and shotgun stocks, holsters, accessories, knives and OEM products built in the spirit of fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and complete dedication.

Web: hogueinc.com

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