We support those on the front line.

Global stability is faltering. Those fighting to uphold order and peace deserve all the support they can get in order to ensure our collective safety. And only the best support is good enough.

Through our 100+ strong brand portfolio, we’re able to cover all of our clients’ needs. From head to toe, from pocket to palm; we support those who work hard for all of us, every day.

We distribute premium products, equipment, and hardware to authorities and government agencies, giving them the best preconditions to complete any objective – foreign or domestic – with the best possible outcome.

Over the last 25 years, we’ve formed solid relationships with key personnel in the military, police and security sector, creating a strong and personal network across the globe. This gives us at MP-SEC the unique advantage to work with the best in the business and distribute premium products to authorities and government agencies anywhere in the world.

At MP-SEC, we care about the integrity and security of our customers. In our integrity policy, our aim is to provide clarification on the responsibilities involved in order to protect your rights and your integrity: MP-SEC Integrity Policy

Welcome to MP-SEC International.