The X-Carry goes to Denmark.

After four weeks of rigorous testing and evaluation, the decision was unanimous: SIG SAUER P320 X-Carry is the best option, and The Danish Ministry of Defense has now asked SIG SAUER to supply the Danish Armed Forces with the X-Carry.

Four (4) pistols – Beretta APX, Glock 17 Gen 5, Canik TP9 SF and the SIG P320 X-Carry – were put in the hands of members from the Danish Special Forces, Military Police, Air Force and Army for a wide range of tests. Testing included (but was not limited to) drop tests, failure to fire, precision and night shooting capabilities in a variety of settings and environments. The possibility to attach a silencer, optics, lasers and/or weapon lights – thereby enabling a custom solution for any soldier – underlined the decision for the P320.

“[…] the pistol we choose, is the best pistol.”

– Tom Elvius-Brisson, Major, during the evalution phase
Head of Capacity Centre/Firearms
FMI – Forsvarsministeriets Materiel- og Indkøbsstyrelse
(Eng: DALO – Danish MoD Board of Materiel and Purchases)

The P320 is striker fired, meaning it has no hammer that can get tangled up in gear or elsewhere. The X-series grip and magazine well add speed and flexibility, and the extended beavertail and high undercut trigger guard promote a higher grip and improved recoil control. The Straight X-Series Trigger breaks at 90 degrees, which improves your accuracy by easier handling.

The P320 X-Carry is expected to be delivered to all units by the end of 2019.

– – –

SIG SAUER P320 X-Carry Specs:
Caliber: 9mm Luger
Action type: Semi-auto
Barrel length: 100 mm
Total length: 188 mm
Weight: 760 g
Magazine capacity: 17 (standard), 21 (optional)

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