The NeX-Ray® product line offers advanced, portable, lightweight x-ray image capture units designed to obtain accurate, near real-time radiographic imaging. Patented technology allows NeX-Ray® to dispense with the use of fragile and heavy glass plates integral to most flat panel imagers.

The NeX-Ray® product line consists of eight products in two categories:
– The FPX (Flat Panel X-ray) models
– The MMX (Multi Mission X-Ray) models

The FPX products are lightweight flat panel x-ray detectors with imaging areas ranging from 14”x34” down to 4”x7”, with weights ranging from 12 lbs to as little as 1.5 lbs. MMX products incorporate removable imaging plates that allow additional flexibility for operators in the field. The x-ray image can be captured with the imaging panel inside the unit (flat panel mode) or with the imaging panel outside the unit and then inserted into the unit for scanning (scanner mode).

Two MMX sizes are available: 14”x17” and 8”x14”.
Both product lines can be operated with Windows XP, 7, or 8 laptops or with Android 4.0 (or later) mobile devices. NeX-Ray® imagers can be operated in stand-alone, tethered remote, and wireless modes.

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